für die Betonsteinindustrie

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NEW: Washmax


washing of stone products: 
With the FC-Washmax the cement is washed out of the surface of stone products. more...

stone work with

The machine is equipped with two hammering devices (four hammer rows each) and special antiquing tools; hammering devices work counter - oscillating.

The stone layers are taken off the tie plate, transportes through the machine (with no space between them) and the seperates again into layers which means the layer remains and can be integrates again into an exciting palletizing unit.

The new construction of the machine enables the customer only to break off the edges of the concrete slabs, while the surface remains untreated and smooth.

Depending on the hardness of the stones and the desired break of the edges, the grade of antiquing can be effectes by various adjustments.

To get a perfect result, the edges of the stones are rounded by a third aggregate, the FC edge trimming device in the end.

Various stone sizes as well as layers with mixed stone sizes can be treated with this machine without big adaptionsreadjustments.

A powerfull dust vaccum system and a noise canceling dome are available to complete the system.